Honey, I’m Grown – What Comes Next

Grown: You are grown when you know better, know what’s best for you, and you do it, without explanation, apology or need for affirmation and approval.

Honey, I’m Grown

I found myself saying this more and more over the last few years, especially when I have to make it clear that I know what I want and have no intention of apologizing for putting my needs and values first. “I’m Grown” is an exclamation, a declaration, and a period at the end of a sentence. It means that I’ve been through enough in life to have something to say and share. At this age I know better, certainly most of the time.

I like that my friends use this expression too—when they are embarking on a new journey, when they have had enough, or when they have made a decision they don’t want to explain…unless they feel like it.

Although I have considered myself to be grown for years, I began writing about this in December of 2017, using images to share bits of wisdom and humor, advice, and quotes, with the intent of expressing my thoughts on being grown, getting older, and to encourage and entertain readers of all ages.

In late December, I will share my latest goal—to optimize my health so that I am fit for the journey ahead.

~ Ramona

Sometimes we need to know when it is worth it to engage with people just to make our point or change their opinion.