Here is a guide to a few words and phrases you might find useful when reading this blog:

Familiar: when someone assumes they know you better than they actually do, and mistakenly assumes they can get in your business.

He was getting just a little too familiar and I had to get things straight.

Faith: belief without proof that leads to action; confidence

Faithful: committed, constant, loyal

Foolishness: when you know better and decide that you don’t feel like getting caught up in something that either has nothing to do with you or is not in your best interest.

I’m not about to get involved in that foolishness.

Grown: when you know better and what’s best for you and you do it, without explanation, apology or need for affirmation and approval.

Honey, I’m grown. 

I’m not playing: when a grown woman tells you this, take a step back, and believe her.

Particular: when you know what you want or need. This is not the same thing as being picky.

Sometimey: not faithful, consistent, or dependable. A person is sometimey when their behavior towards or acknowledgement of you changes according to the situation.

Spirit: the part of our humanity that connects with God. It is part of our essence, is awareness, a disposition, an inkling, a knowing. It is non-physical, different from the mind or intellect.