Grown: You are grown when you know better, know what’s best for you, and you do it, without explanation, apology or need for affirmation and approval.

Honey, I’m Grown

I found myself saying this more and more over the last few years, whenever I had to make it clear that I knew what I wanted to do and had no intention of apologizing for putting my values and needs first. “I’m Grown” is an exclamation, a declaration, and a period at the end of a sentence. It means that I’ve been through enough in life to have something to say and share. At this age I know better, at least most of the time.

I like that my friends use this expression too—when they are embarking on a new journey, when they have had enough, or when they have made a decision that they don’t need to explain…unless they feel like it.

May 2019:

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~ Ramona