In 2018 I turned 60. ( I love how the French say “I have 60 years,”— no need to go on about being old, young, or anything else. It is as if your age is something you own, as it should be.) I will have 60 years, that says it all. I am looking forward to what this new decade will bring into my life.

Here are some of my goals for this year. This list is fluid, but these are a few ideas:

  • More gatherings with my family and friends
    • I’ve been doing this over weekends, some here at home, at other times I travel to see family and friends. I’m doing something monthly.
  • New experiences – travel, the arts
    • Mountain hiking
    • Saw the musicals In the Heights (twice) and Spring Awakening
    • First visit to Vermont, went to Montpelier
    • Took a trip to Mexico, first time near Cancun in 30 years
    • Newport Jazz Festival
    • First trips to Bremerton and Seattle, WA
    • First trip to Hawaii, spent several days in Hana on Maui
  • Read 50 books – nonfiction and fiction, poetry
    • As of November I have read 40 books (novels, nonfiction, and poetry) and skimmed a few others.
  • Wellbeing – go on a personal retreat, streamline my life for less stress
    • See the hiking experience above; this was part of my retreat.
    • Took on fewer projects the second half of the year, no more new boards or committees
  • Explore nature, spend more time outdoors
    • In February I went hiking in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts…in the snow and I enjoyed it.
    • More walks, around the city, along the river.
    • Growing some of my own vegetables : collards, peppers, and tomatoes. The rabbits or another creature ate the baby collards. I gave away the peppers, and the tomatoes have been delicious; I even pickled some. I learned why people who plant tomatoes always have plenty to share – they are easy to grow.

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